5 steps the Commanders can take to potential NFC East title in 2024

The Commanders 2024 offseason will impact the next decade...

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Commanders draft Brock Bowers

The Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions, and Baltimore Ravens. Travis Kelce, George Kittle, Sam LaPorta, and Mark Andrews. These were the final four teams of the 2024 NFL playoffs, and these were their tight ends.

To use a basketball term, the modern-day tight end is the point forward of the NFL. With sure-fire star tight end Brock Bowers coming out of Georgia this year, the Washington Commanders have a chance to take a turn not many would see coming and lock up a future Pro Bowl player with the attitude and work ethic to contribute to a changing culture.

He has the rare combination - like Kittle of the Niners - of magnificent pass-catching paired with elite blocking abilities. Bowers is as close to a sure thing as this draft class has to provide.

If the Commanders were to go this route, Kirk Cousins would have Bowers, Terry McLaurin, Jahan Dotson, and Curtis Samuel (if re-signed) to throw to, as well as Brian Robinson Jr. and Chris Rodriguez Jr. in the backfield. This may be the most ideal situation that Washington could put themselves in if they want to compete for the NFC East title in 2024.

Bowers would also help the Commanders build toward the future by not forcing them to give up a great deal of capital to acquire a player like Caleb Williams. He is going to be a magnificent NFL player for a long, long time to come.