5 sneaky threats the Commanders should worry about vs. NY Giants in Week 11

A familiar wide receiver who thrives from the slot, along with two inside linebackers, are among the five sneaky threats...
Sterling Shepard
Sterling Shepard / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders should jam Sterling Shepard

Sterling Shepard has had some solid outings against the Washington Commanders that add up to 442 yards and three touchdowns in nine games, according to StatMuse. The 30-year-old usually wins with quick moves on top of moves out of his breaks.

Stopping Shepard requires getting hands on him early. Jamming the veteran out of the slot will be key to taking away a player likely to be among the favored targets of undrafted rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito.

Playing bump and run against Shepard is a suitable remit for Benjamin St-Juste. He's been arguably the most consistent member of Washington's secondary, but he had some rough moments against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 10, including this tight pass interference call highlighted by Chad Ryan.

St-Juste can use a matchup against Shepard as an ideal opportunity to bounce back the right way.