5 offensive propsects the Commanders should monitor at 2024 Senior Bowl

The pre-draft assessment stage is underway!

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Commanders should monitor Cooper Beebe

  • Offensive Line | Kansas State Wildcats
  • What to look for: Footwork against speed rushers

Another Kansas State Wildcat? I was considering going with Arkansas center Beaux Limmer here. If you think 2023 third-round pick Ricky Stromberg ultimately lines up at guard for the Washington Commanders, then I’d suggest you watch him as well.

I’d like to believe that Stromberg will move back to his natural center position next year. The Commanders are in desperate need of a left guard, and Cooper Beebe is a beast of one.

He has great size and strength, and sound enough footwork to stay in front of pass rushers. For a man his size, Beebe moves reasonably well when asked to pull. But his real strength is plowing forward, something the Commanders have not had from an interior lineman since Brandon Scherff left town.

I am tired of Washington drafting college linemen and immediately shuffling them to new positions when they discover they are ill-equipped to play their college spot in the pros. Beebe is a guard and he would immediately help the running game.

When it comes to pass protection, I have not seen Beebe have trouble against bigger, slower interior linemen. He stays in front of them and is strong enough to not be overwhelmed. I do worry just a bit if he is asked to take on a quicker interior lineman in a one-on-one situation. His footwork is good, but just how good remains an open question.

Each of the players mentioned here currently has a draft projection somewhere between the third and fifth rounds. That will change over the next few months, but the Commanders will have an opportunity to take any or all of these players while still devoting their three picks in the first two rounds to more consensus blue-chippers.