5 offensive propsects the Commanders should monitor at 2024 Senior Bowl

The pre-draft assessment stage is underway!

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Commanders should monitor Ben Sinnott

  • Tight End | Kansas State Wildcats
  • What to look for: Yards after the catch

If you saw any Kansas State games this year, you would quickly notice that tight end Ben Sinnott was always running free in the middle of the field. This isn’t necessarily because he is so much bigger or faster than the players trying to cover him, though he does have very good size and speed.

Sinnott seems to have that innate ability to find holes in the middle of the field, one of the most valuable assets a tight end can possess. He runs excellent routes, which can create separation with linebackers and safeties or can find soft spots in zones.

He also catches the ball very well, using his long frame to pluck balls away from defenders on the rare occasion he has to fight for a pass. Sinnott is a willing blocker as well. He may never be elite as an in-line, two-way tight end, but he will not be a hindrance when asked to block.

But his primary value will be as a pass catcher who can win at all three levels. Sinnott has the size and strength to be a good short-yardage target and the speed to get down the seam. And he is at his best in the middle of the field.

What I want to see is how well he runs after the catch. He is a very smooth runner with a long stride, but I have not seen Sinnott either make defenders miss in the open field or break many tackles. That is the one facet of his game that keeps him from being an elite prospect.

That’s also why he might slide down the board a bit. If the Washington Commanders can get a polished pass catcher in the middle rounds, they can work on his open-field running at the next level. He just has to show a little bit for me to be sold.