5 major disappointments from the Commanders' loss vs. Cowboys in Week 18

A disappointing end to a disappointing season.

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What huge disappointments emerged from the Washington Commanders' regular-season finale loss at home to the Dallas Cowboys?

We come to the final episode in our weekly discussion of Washington Commanders' disappointments, and I have an admission to make. You see, I am very vain. As the dreary, predictable thrashing at the hands of the hated Dallas Cowboys was coming to its merciful end, I had my five disappointments ready to go.

The final one was going to be the team’s failure to secure Terry McLaurin’s fourth straight 1,000-yard receiving season. Yes - I was rooting against my favorite player on my favorite team just so I could have some fodder for my column.

How low can one sink?

Then announcers Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen returned from a commercial with just a minute remaining and mentioned that exact thing - that the only thing left to play for was McLaurin’s streak. I was even madder.

This time, it was because they had stolen my thunder. Now, I said to my wife, everyone will think I just lifted that one from the television. She promised to confirm that I had been talking about it before those loud-mouths on TV. I’ve got a good wife.

Of course, the Commanders did make sure McLaurin hit his milestone in that final minute, so none of it ended up mattering. Fortunately for the sake of the column, there were plenty of other disappointments to go around.

Beginning with…