5 huge disappointments from the Commanders loss at the NY Jets in Week 16

It was another eventful afternoon that ended with an inevitable defeat...

Logan Thomas
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What huge disappointments emerged from the Washington Commanders' road defeat against the New York Jets in Week 16?

About 20 minutes into the Washington Commanders game against the New York Jets on Sunday, I wrote a preliminary draft of this article. It went like this…

Well, that sucked.

I figured that would be enough. I mean, if the Commanders were going to turn in a sloppy, uninspired, how soon can I get out of here performance, I may as well do the same thing. Then they played the second half, and I once again was forced to recognize that no matter what Ron Rivera may be lacking at this point in his coaching career, he still gets his players to try.

That’s a small comfort in a season like this. But it is something.

I think that for many fans, the 30-28 loss to the New York Jets turned out about as well as they could have hoped. After a miserable opening half, the team showed some real fight, even taking the lead late in the game, before ultimately falling. At this point, many are hoping for continued losses to secure or even improve a high draft position.

I have never been one to believe in tanking, but I have to admit I am not as disappointed as usual that Greg Zuerlein converted his 54-yard field goal for the win. It looks as if Washington will draft no lower than No. 4 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. With the New England Patriots' upset of the Denver Broncos, No. 3 is a real possibility.

More on that another time. Today, let’s consider this week’s slate of disappointments.