5 huge disappointments from the Commanders loss at Eagles in Week 4

It was a gut-wrencher for the Commanders...

Tress Way
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The Kid

If you were watching the Washington Commanders on television yesterday, you know who I’m talking about.

Immediately after wide receiver DeVonta Smith’s miracle catch at the end of the first half, FOX came out of a commercial showing a young Philadelphia Eagles fan in the stands signaling the former Alabama star's jersey signaling that the catch was good. Then, after the call was officially confirmed, they found another young supporter - this one in a Jalen Hurts jersey - going ballistic with glee at the call.

His joyous shouting revealed a gap-toothed grin and his Hulkamania pose revealed his passion for his team. Pretty commonplace at Lincoln Financial Field, but annoying nonetheless.

I remember when Washington was developing young fans with that kind of passion. The past quarter century of dysfunction stymied such devotion and it could take a long time for such unrivaled love for this team to return despite the presence of Josh Harris' ownership group.

Performances like the one Sunday against the Eagles could begin to rebuild it. All disappointments aside, that’s what I am taking away from this game, but if the Commanders keep on progressing and matching the very best this league has to offer, then it won't be much longer before they enter playoff consideration.