5 disappointments from the Commanders victory at Patriots in Week 9

It wasn't all good...
Jamin Davis
Jamin Davis / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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Jamin Davis - Commanders LB

Jamin Davis has had a one-step-forward, one-step-back kind of season. Truth be told, that’s essentially been his entire career.

Davis can make some good plays. But despite his huge deflection on a deep ball to New England Patriots running back Rhamondre Stevenson midway through the fourth quarter, he is mostly lost in coverage.

Even on that good play, Stevenson had him beaten cleanly. Only a poor throw by struggling quarterback Mac Jones allowed Davis to recover and make a critical play in a key moment.

The third-year linebacker also failed to cover the gap on a stunt which allowed Stevenson a wide-open lane on his monster touchdown run. Davis has speed but his instincts on both running and passing plays appear slow, which is an ongoing frustration for someone with so many physical attributes.

I have been thinking for a while that his best position would be as an outside linebacker in a 3-4. From there, Davis could rush the passer and chase down ball carriers from behind.

I fear that in a 4-3 base scheme, what we are seeing now is what we are destined to get. And that is a mediocre linebacker who will make the occasional play, but be a non-factor more often than not.