5 disappointments from the Commanders victory at Patriots in Week 9

It wasn't all good...

Jamin Davis
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Commanders made harder work than needed

There are two ways to look at this.

The happier angle says that the Washington Commanders found a way to win a close game. They made big plays at the end - in large part by allowing the other team to make the critical mistakes. We should be so lucky to play against quarterback Mac Jones and Brenden Schooler each week.

But this game never should have come down to a big stop in the final minute. That is the one biggest criticism that Ron Rivera could potentially pull upon further examination of the game film.

Washington had an almost 2:1 lead in time of possession. They converted more than half their third downs while holding the Patriots to 25 percent. If not for running back Rhamondre Stevenson's 64-yard touchdown burst in the second quarter, the Commanders would have gained almost 1.5 more yards per play than their opponent.

Those are dominant statistics. I’m very happy that the Commanders played as well as they did. The next step is to put inferior teams down early and keep them down.

Look at what the Baltimore Ravens did to the Seattle Seahawks for an example. A team that will be looking to bounce back positively on home soil against the Commanders in Week 10.