5 defensive prospects the Commanders should monitor at 2024 Senior Bowl

The Commanders need some fresh defensive blood this offseason...

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Commanders should monitor Tyler Davis

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If you watch a highlight reel of Tyler Davis, you think you are watching a surefire Pro Bowler. He has a short thick build but shows surprising quickness. Especially for a man his size.

Davis is extremely powerful, almost impossible to move out of a gap. He also has the explosiveness to beat interior linemen and make plays in the backfield. The Clemson prospect can even run down ball carriers in pursuit.

The problem comes when you look a little deeper. He seems out of plays too often. However, I don’t think this is an effort issue.

Davis plays hard. It may simply be a question of experience and technique. He has probably been able to physically dominate opponents at every level. That will not be the case in the NFL. He strikes me as the exact type of prospect who can thrive under strong coaching.

During Senior Bowl week, I am not as concerned about seeing him make splash plays. I’ve seen him do that enough to know the potential. I just don’t want to see him taken out of plays.

I want to see him constantly clogging up running lanes and providing interior pass rush. Even if he does not make the play, I want to see him engaged in every snap. Something that would improve his draft stock along the way.

The Washington Commanders could use an extra body on their defensive line interior for depth purposes. If those in power trade Jonathan Allen, the need becomes more pressing.