5 defensive players that didn’t live up to the hype during Commanders tenure

These former Washington Commanders players couldn't meet some lofty expectations.

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders / Michael J. Minardi/GettyImages
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Deion Sanders - Former Commanders CB

Few would argue that Deion Sanders isn't one of the great athletes to ever grace an NFL field. The gifted defensive back was ahead of his time, quickly becoming a shutdown cornerback capable of locking down anybody with ruthless conviction and trash-talking them into oblivion along the way.

Sanders had been a constant thorn in the now-Washington Commanders' side during his time with the Dallas Cowboys. His star power and allure didn't go unnoticed by Dan Snyder, who handed the legendary figure a seven-year, $55 million contract and an $8 million signing bonus in 2000 free agency.

While Sanders notched 41 tackles and four interceptions during his first campaign in Washington, he didn't think much of the set-up and promptly retired after just one season with the team. It was always going to be difficult to win over fans given his close association with the Cowboys, and the fact this move cast aside Darrell Green made it even worse.

Still, Sanders had the benefit of $8 million and more in the bank for one season's work. He stayed away from the NFL for three years before unretiring to sign for the Baltimore Ravens, gaining six picks over two campaigns before calling it a day for good.

Allocating so much money for a 33-year-old past the peak of his powers was vintage Snyder. He always thought he was the smartest man in the room - often to his detriment as countless players took advantage.