5 defensive players that didn’t live up to the hype during Commanders tenure

These former Washington Commanders players couldn't meet some lofty expectations.
Deion Sanders
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Albert Haynesworth - Former Commanders DT

When one discusses the worst free-agent signings not just from the Washington Commanders franchise but around the league throughout NFL history, Albert Haynesworth's name always comes up. The defensive tackle finessed a whopping sum from the franchise - $100 million with $41 million guaranteed to be precise.

This sent jaws to the floor despite Haynesworth earning All-Pro honors before he hit the market. The Tennessee Titans let him walk despite such exceptional production, which indicates they might have known something Washington didn't when push came to shove.

Hopes were high regarding Haynesworth and what he could potentially bring to Washington's defensive front. However, it didn't take long to realize that this was going to be a critical error in judgment.

The former first-round selection managed just four sacks in 2009 and was often criticized for his lack of effort. Haynesworth turned out just eight times and notched 2.5 quarterback takedowns the following year, which was the last anyone saw of him in Washington.

Once Haynesworth got his bag, the effort diminished significantly. He was extremely critical of the now-Commanders, but the fact he played one more season before being cast aside tells its own story.

For all Dan Snyder's faults and personnel mismanagement, Haynesworth sits atop the list. Not that the ex-lineman will mind given how much he managed to swindle from the owner during one-sided negotiations.