5 dark horse candidates to replace Commanders DC Jack Del Rio in 2024

The writing is on the wall...
Jack Del Rio
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Commanders could hire D.J. Eliot

  • Linebackers Coach | Philadelphia Eagles

If you can't beat them, join them.

The Philadelphia Eagles look primed for another deep postseason run in 2023. They've beaten the Washington Commanders twice this season - albeit by fine margins on both occasions - but the two franchises are going in different directions currently.

This might be the reason above all else that signals the end of Jack Del Rio's tenure as defensive coordinator. Every dog has its day, and the introduction of Josh Harris' ownership group coupled with the recent social media criticism from Magic Johnson means the experienced figure is likely to be seeking alternative employment at some stage.

If the Commanders think outside the box with their next hire, then taking a closer look at D.J. Eliot is a possibility. The linebackers coach is gaining significant traction after leaping from college to the pros, where he served as a defensive coordinator for programs including Kansas, Temple, Colorado, and Kentucky.

Eliot has earned his stripes and possesses bags of experience despite being relatively young in coaching circles. This is the sort of up-and-comer from a talented organization that usually generates a lot of interest, so the Commanders might not be alone in coveting the coach if this is the path they choose to go down.

But now that the Commanders are an attractive destination once again, anything is possible.