5 Commanders on the hot seat as Josh Harris' ownership era begins

Who could be facing increasing job uncertainty under Josh Harris' new Commanders ownership group?

Josh Harris
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Ron Rivera - Commanders HC

Once the ink dried on the Washington Commanders' sale agreement, Ron Rivera's head coaching seat became the hottest in football. And if there was one thing to take from Josh Harris group's introductory press conference on Friday, it's their fierce desire to mold a winner on the field.

Rivera's not enjoyed the greatest success in terms of record over his first three years. He's been working with one hand tied behind his back thanks to the previous regime, but changing the culture was no easy task considering the mess inherited by the former linebacker.

In fairness to Rivera, he's altered the previous way of thinking and reinstalled his draft, develop, and reward ethos tremendously. However, with no stable quarterback and finishing last in the NFC East, the pressure is well and truly on.

Harris praised Rivera and seems confident enough in giving him a chance to thrive next season. Everything seems to be in place, but it won't be easy considering Washington's strength of schedule and the competitive division in which they reside.

Rivera's taken everything in his stride and has previous experience under new ownership during his time with the Carolina Panthers. Whether that'll be enough to avoid a similar fate remains to be seen, but this will be his final campaign with the Commanders if things continue in a similar manner.