5 Commanders on the hot seat as Josh Harris' ownership era begins

Who could be facing increasing job uncertainty under Josh Harris' new Commanders ownership group?

Josh Harris
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Martin Mayhew - Commanders GM

Another who might be nervously looking over his shoulder is Martin Mayhew. The Washington Commanders general manager has settled into the role well, even though the final say on personnel matters goes to head coach Ron Rivera as part of his contract stipulations.

Mayhew is a respected figure around the NFL and is experienced enough to provide assistance during such an important change. What comes after that is less clear and will likely be dependent on how Washington's offseason recruitment decisions transition onto the field during the regular season.

Much like the situation with Jason Wright, fans would give mixed reviews about Mayhew's time with the Commanders so far. But we should find out more now the shackles of ownership flux have come off.

As is normally the case, there have been hits and misses for Mayhew throughout his two-year stint in Washington. However, the margin for error is slimmer than ever before thanks to the presence of Josh Harris and his ambitious group.

What's important for Mayhew is focusing on the task at hand rather than his long-term job prospects. Most of the personnel moves have been made heading into training camp, although the chance for another bold splash or two cannot be dismissed with the newfound ability to move money around.

Would that improve Mayhew's fate? Time will tell.