4 teams that could steal Eric Bieniemy from the Commanders in 2024

Eric Bieniemy
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Commanders could lose Eric Bieniemy to the Cowboys

Worst-case scenario, anyone?

The Dallas Cowboys are always hyped up beyond recognition every season. Their deluded fanbase seems to believe every year will be different despite enjoying almost no playoff success for more than two decades, which is something that'll be evident across the national media once again heading into Week 1.

This should be inconsequential to the Washington Commanders, who'll just focus on themselves and go about their business with much less fanfare than their NFC East rivals. But that doesn't detract from the pressure on Ron Rivera's shoulders with Josh Harris and his ownership group watching intently.

As for the Cowboys, Jerry Jones is a patient man when it comes to his head coaches. But if Mike McCarthy cannot take his team deep into the playoffs, it'll be seen as a massive failure all things considered.

Whether it's enough for Jones to pull the plug on McCarthy's tenure remains to be seen. In this scenario, Dan Quinn could be the guy, but Eric Bieniemy represents a wildcard that would weaken the Commanders to further sweeten the pot.

The Commanders would put up a huge fight to keep Bieniemy around if the Cowboys did make an inquiry. Even if their attempts could fall on deaf ears given how long the offensive guru has waited for a well-deserved promotion.