4 surprising candidates to make the Commanders' 53-man roster in 2023

Tim DeMorat
Tim DeMorat / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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De'Jon Harris - Commanders LB

There are very few weak links in the Washington Commanders' defense. If one were to pick holes, then perhaps the linebacking corps is lacking sufficient depth as the 2023 campaign approaches.

Jamn Davis and Cody Barton are expected to start and should be consistent. Khaleke Hudson has come to the fore throughout early workouts in his quest for more involvement, with David Mayo representing a decent special teams contributor without ever carving out a prominent starting position for himself.

K.J. Henry or Andre Jones Jr. could switch to the second level in obvious pass-rushing situations. But it's a little thin on the ground unless one of their young guns makes a dramatic surge forward.

One couldn't dismiss the possibility of De'Jon Harris being a surprising addition to the 53-man roster depending on how he recovers from injury, The former Arkansas prospect came onto the squad late in 2022, making a significant impression on special teams over a five-game period without featuring on the defensive rotation.

This is a solid platform from which to build entering his fourth season. But if Harris did end up making the team rather than occupying a position on the Commanders' practice squad, it would raise a few eyebrows that's for sure.