4 surprising candidates to make the Commanders' 53-man roster in 2023

Tim DeMorat
Tim DeMorat / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Tim DeMorat - Commanders QB

The Washington Commanders are moving forward with Sam Howell as their starting quarterback in 2023. This represents a big-time gamble that could go either way, but those in power do have a capable backup in the form of Jacoby Brissett in the event he cannot meet some lofty expectations.

Placing so much faith in a player with one career start is risky business. However, head coach Ron Rivera clearly believes that this represents the best avenue to move down - even if any failings will likely come with his removal as Josh Harris' ownership group watches intently.

Howell and Brissett are roster locks, which goes without saying. But the recent NFL ruling that allows a third emergency quarterback to be activated on gameday in the event injury strikes means Rivera could take another signal-caller onto his squad.

Jake Fromm would be the obvious choice. However, there is a wildcard that also deserves consideration if the Commanders end up bringing a third option onto their 53-man roster.

Tim DeMorat was another hotly-coveted undrafted free agent and chose the Commanders over others. He joins the pros after a record-breaking college career at Fordham, which isn't exactly the best competition but impressive nonetheless.

There are some mitigating factors in play out of DeMorat's control. But his arm strength and potential for growth make him a lively outsider if the Commanders end up choosing between the rookie and Fromm.