4 surprising candidates to make the Commanders' 53-man roster in 2023

Tim DeMorat
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Which Washington Commanders players are emerging as surprising candidates to make the 53-man roster for the upcoming 2023 campaign?

With so much at stake for the Washington Commanders in 2023, the margins for error couldn't be slimmer. This accounts for the team's results, but also when it comes to roster decisions heading into their Week 1 encounter against the Arizona Cardinals.

That is squarely on the shoulders of Ron Rivera and other influential figures such as Eric Bieniemy, Jack Del Rio, and general manager Martin Mayhew. It's an experienced brain trust that's for sure, so confidence among the fans should be high that the right calls can be made.

Looking at the grand scheme of things, most positions on the roster appear sown up in some capacity. But there is always a shock or two depending on which players end up impressing at training camp - which is now firmly on the horizon.

On this topic, we picked out four players that could emerge as surprising candidates to make the Commanders' 53-man roster in 2023.

Mason Brooks - Commanders OL

Position versatility is a sought-after trait of Ron Rivera's when it comes to offensive linemen. It's something he values highly and although it can cause continuity complications, it's a method he's stuck with for good or bad throughout his head coaching career.

Therefore, it came as no surprise to see the Washington Commanders identify Mason Brooks as a player of interest once undrafted free agency arrived. The former Ole Miss standout can operate in almost every position along the protection and based on his college production, was extremely fortunate to not hear his name called during the 2023 NFL Draft.

Competition for places is fierce across the offensive line after Washington acquired a number of fresh faces. It'll be difficult for Brooks, but he's got a puncher's chance and maybe more depending on how he fares at camp.