4 silent assassins on the Washington Commanders in 2023

Darrick Forrest
Darrick Forrest / Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports
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Sam Howell - Commanders QB

Sam Howell is not the most flamboyant quarterback that's started an NFL game. But in all honesty, the Washington Commanders don't need him to be.

What's important for Ron Rivera and his staff heading into such a pressurized campaign is stability. That bares more significance at football's most important position after a constant stream of gambles that haven't exactly paid off.

Rivera's questionable decision-making at the quarterback spot during his head coaching career - aside from lucking into Cam Newton on the Carolina Panthers - continues to receive criticism. If his bold move forward with Howell fails, then the chances of Josh Harris' ownership group making a change are high.

That is an enormous amount of pressure to be putting on a former fifth-round pick with one career start. But there is a quiet confidence within Howell that's gone down extremely well among players and coaches alike since his surge up Washington's depth chart.

While it won't be enough to guarantee progress in a competitive environment, it's a good foundation on which to potentially build a successful career that's for sure. And don't let Howell's almost silent demeanor fool you - there is a genuine competitor within once he crosses the white lines.

This could go either way. But the Commanders are convinced Howell is the right guy to lead them in 2023 and you should be too until further notice.