4 risky experiments the Commanders could cut short in 2024

The Commanders have taken some risks heading into the 2024 season.
Brandon McManus
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There is a real sense of positivity surrounding the Washington Commanders thanks in no small part to Adam Peters' impressive offseason roster building. The general manager moved with extreme conviction to put his organization in a better position next season. Not every complication was solved, but it's a strong foundation to begin the new regime's ambitious plans.

Some analysts expect Dan Quinn to achieve just a few victories in 2024. Others are boldly claiming that the Commanders could contend for the NFC East title if everything clicks into place right away. The truth is somewhere in the middle, but Washington might surprise people depending on how preparations for the campaign evolve in the coming months.

Peters will plan for every eventuality. He's not jeopardized the team's financial flexibility next offseason and beyond. He's also displayed a level of ruthlessness in his depth chart construction that should keep everyone on their toes. If things aren't going according to plan, the front-office leader won't hesitate to switch things up.

With this in mind, here are four risky experiments the Commanders could cut short in 2024.

Commanders kicking change

Nobody expected Joey Slye to get a reprieve under the new regime. The Washington Commanders let him leave with little fanfare attached following an underwhelming stint with the franchise. Had the player not been closely associated with previous head coach Ron Rivera, this might have occurred a lot sooner.

The Commanders believe they've found an upgrade after signing Brandon McManus in free agency. There's a lot to like about the veteran's production overall since entering the league in 2014. That said, his notable regression last season with other Jacksonville Jaguars - especially from long-range - is something those in power will be monitoring closely when competitive action returns.

McManus has a clear run to the starting gig and his $3.6 million salary-cap hit suggests the Commanders are confident he can bounce back. However, the life of a kicker is volatile and week-to-week. Therefore, a situation could emerge where Washington cuts its losses if the Super Bowl champion goes through a tough stretch.

After all, the Commanders have no room for struggling passengers on their road to redemption.