4 recent Commanders draft picks with genuine breakout potential in 2024

Could Dan Quinn work his magic on these Commanders players?

Emmanuel Forbes
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Which recent Washington Commanders draft picks could have breakout potential under new head coach Dan Quinn in 2024?

There is a new culture being built in the nation's capital. With that, the plan has been stated on numerous occasions. The Washington Commanders will build through the draft, supplement through free agency, and gradually emerge into a perennial powerhouse.

Remember that although previous head coach Ron Rivera failed to strike gold on several draft picks, some of them are not only young but have shown signs of promise. The Commanders also boast some high selections who are far from lost causes right now.

If even a few of these players were to live up to their previously billed potential, the Commanders could find themselves in a much better position than many experts are predicting. Considering what some of these players have shown on previous tape, this is not out of the question by any means.

With this in mind, here are four Commanders draft picks who could surprise under head coach Dan Quinn in 2024.

Phidarian Mathis - Commanders DT

Phidarian Mathis has eight tackles in two seasons for the Washington Commanders. It would be easy to label him a bust. Yet, when one converses about his potential to breakout in the NFL, one needs to remember that not only was he a second-team All-American honoree at Alabama, but he was also one of the Crimson Tide's team captains during the 2021 campaign that saw them route Ohio State 52-24 in the national title game.

If Nick Saban is willing to make the man a captain of such a dominant team with a deluge of talent, Mathis deserves a third year's grace to see what he can contribute should he not get injured.

The Washington Commanders' run defense could be among the league's best if Mathis can remain healthy. Especially considering they have versatile linebackers like Frankie Luvu and Bobby Wagner behind the line.