4 post-June 1 cuts the Washington Commanders must consider in 2023

Andrew Norwell
Andrew Norwell / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Kendall Fuller - Commanders CB

  • Cap savings - $8.5 million

This would arguably be the most shocking for fans. But something that cannot be dismissed entirely when one considers how the Washington Commanders have gone about their business throughout the offseason.

The Commanders picked up Cameron Dantzler Sr. off the waiver wire during a busy free-agent period around the league. They also surprisingly spent their first two selections in the 2023 NFL Draft on Emmanuel Forbes Jr. and Quan Martin - defensive backs with tremendous pedigrees that could be immediate contributors.

Considering the potential of further improvements from Benjamin St-Juste with better luck on the injury front, Kendall Fuller's future comes under more scrutiny than ever before. Although cutting him to save $8.5 million on their 2023 salary cap removes the only proven performer with legitimate NFL experience over a prolonged period from the roster.

Fuller might not be a world-beater, but he's consistent enough. His leadership within the locker room is another valuable asset that cannot be overlooked.

There is a real need for the Commanders to make genuine progress next season with the impending sale almost complete. Ron Rivera needs all the help he can get, which might ensure Fuller gets a reprieve when it's all said and done.