4 post-June 1 cuts the Washington Commanders must consider in 2023

Andrew Norwell
Andrew Norwell / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Logan Thomas - Commanders TE

  • Cap savings - $6.92 million

When the Washington Commanders hinted they were happy with their tight-end options before free agency, it was met with skepticism. However, fast forward a few months and it seems as if there was conviction behind the team's initial thoughts.

The Commanders haven't strengthened the tight end spot much - if at all - during the offseason. Surprising to most, but it is an undoubted vote of confidence in the players already around.

Logan Thomas is the most senior figure in the room currently. He remains No. 1 on the tight-end depth chart heading into the preparation period, but that might not be the case for much longer.

There are a few promising young figures that can develop significantly under Eric Bieniemy's guidance. John Bates, Cole Turner, and Armani Rogers all probably fancy their chances of further involvement, which lays down the gauntlet to Thomas in no uncertain terms.

Unless the former quarterback proves his worth, cutting the player to save $6.92 million is a tempting proposition. But the Commanders better be sure one of their young guns can stand up and make their presence felt in this scenario.