4 NFC East departures the Commanders won't miss in 2024

Jason Kelce
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Which NFC East departures throughout a dramatic 2024 offseason won't be missed by the Washington Commanders?

Nothing stays the same for too long where the NFL is concerned. This has been more prevalent across the Washington Commanders than almost anywhere else. Something that was widely anticipated thanks to the presence of their new regime spearheaded by Josh Harris' ownership group, general manager Adam Peters, and head coach Dan Quinn.

The Commanders have worked tirelessly to put the right pieces in place heading into the 2024 NFL Draft. Peters has one major decision with significant ramifications at No. 2 overall. If the front-office leader hits on this pick, it'll set the organization up for future prosperity.

Of course, things have also been pretty eventful throughout the NFC East. It promises to be a highly competitive division once again, but some notable absentees who've been mainstays provide a slight window of opportunity to make strides if everything clicks into place immediately.

With this in mind, here are four NFC East offseason departures who won't be missed by the Commanders in 2024.

Commanders won't miss Xavier McKinney

The New York Giants couldn't retain Xavier McKinney thanks to the offer he received from the Green Bay Packers. This was a blow given the gifted safety is barely entering his prime. But not having to worry about his whereabouts on the backend is going to help the Washington Commanders' new quarterback considerably.

McKinney is a difference-maker in coverage who is a willing contributor closer to the line of scrimmage against the run. The Packers identified him as one of their primary free-agent targets despite the safety market not being the hottest. Make no mistake, there will be no tears shed around the NFC East regarding his departure.