4 major observations from Sam Howell's performance at the Falcons in Week 6

How did QB1 fare at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium?
Sam Howell
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Sam Howell's confident first half

Second-year quarterback Sam Howell's confidence levels are increasing with every passing week. This is a player who now genuinely believes that he belongs in the pro ranks, which was once again reflected in a first-half performance of immense promise.

There were multiple occasions when Howell made clutch throws, spreading the wealth around with relative comfort. He was efficient over the middle and also made scoring opportunities count - which was the most important thing above all else.

Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy once again schemed things up masterfully for Howell and the Washington Commanders' offense. Thanks to a better start, the signal-caller also had the benefit of a more balanced ethos rather than relying primarily on the pass.

Howell is starting to look like a seasoned veteran. The statistics spoke for themselves, which also saw the player's ball security catch the eye in the most positive way imaginable.

  • 66.66% completion
  • 109 passing yards
  • 2 touchdowns
  • 0 interceptions
  • 3 sacks against
  • 119.9 passer rating (ESPN)

The Commanders were much more like their old selves, which was essential after such an embarrassing loss against the Chicago Bears. Howell led the charge as expected and even though the hits kept coming, he once again displayed the sort of resolute grit fans have come to expect from their new gunslinger.

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