4 major observations from Sam Howell's performance vs. the Dolphins in Week 13

How did QB1 fare in his latest outing?

Sam Howell
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Commanders are failing Sam Howell

Coming into the season, the questions centered on whether Sam Howell would be good enough to become a consistent starting quarterback for the Washington Commanders. Now - after 13 games - the narrative has shifted completely.

The Commanders are failing Howell. Their offensive line is an abomination, there is no consistent pass-catching tight end, wide receivers aren't living up to lofty expectations, and the defense is an absolute disgrace.

I mean, what more can Howell do? It's almost like he's operating with one hand tied behind his back and in all honesty, it's surprising he isn't making more mistakes in the circumstances.

This is a damning indictment on player recruitment during the offseason. Ron Rivera failed to prioritize the offensive line, stood firm at the tight end spot, and is paying the price accordingly.

Rivera won't be around to oversee another personnel overhaul. That leaves the future of Howell uncertain too, but the new regime should at least see what they have in the player while also taking the opportunity to build around a fifth-round rookie contract in its third season.

It could go the other way depending on what the new general manager and head coach decide. But when Howell looks back on the season - and Rivera too, for that matter - he'll feel a sense of regret that Washington couldn't manage to put a competitive roster around him.

This represents malpractice of the highest order. Something that won't be tolerated by Josh Harris and his wealthy team of investors.