4 key takeaways from latest revelations surrounding Commanders owner Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder
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Commanders could be left in limbo

One doesn't have to look far across social media to see the excitement about the Washington Commanders falling under new ownership. Fans have been waiting for this moment of celebration to arrive for years, but they might be waiting a while longer yet if Dan Snyder has his way.

Snyder's connection to the fanbase has been non-existent. FedEx Field was devoid of any legitimate home support last season thanks to his incompetence and the owner is so far out of touch with the traditions and changing environment, it's almost embarrassing.

If Snyder's petulance results in the sale vote being delayed, it leaves everyone associated with the Commanders in limbo. Ron Rivera won't be able to make football moves in terms of signings or extensions, Josh Harris' group must wait to install their new ethos, and players could also become distracted heading into Washington's pivotal training camp before the 2023 season.

This will be irrelevant to Snyder. He's never cared about the team - only his own personal gain - something that's brought nothing but failure on the field and a laughable reputation around league circles under his inept leadership.

There isn't much any fan could do besides wait and hope that this latest Snyder power play is nothing more than one last attempt to make the league nervous before walking away with a healthy financial profit.