4 huge disappointments from the Commanders' loss vs. Eagles in Week 8

The Commanders went close but fell just short.

Brian Robinson Jr.
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Commanders ghosted the running game

Sunday was one of the better-called games of Eric Bieniemy's time as Washington Commanders offensive coordinator. However, he continues to abandon the run too quickly.

Let's not forget that Bieniemy doesn't have Patrick Mahomes throwing the ball anymore. Having a young quarterback in Sam Howell distributing 40-50 times per game is really not putting him in the best situation.

Yes, he was only sacked once against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 8. But one of the reasons that Howell is leading the league in sacks is due to the number of times he is being asked to drop back and throw the ball.

The Commanders lead the league in team passing play percentage and have averaged a 69.4 percent passing play percentage over their last three games. That number is actually skewed down by the Atlanta Falcons game, as the team ran a more balanced attack in that contest with 28 passes to 22 runs.

Even the Kansas City Chiefs have a passing play percentage of 60 percent this season, after averaging 62.36% in 2022. If your team - with a quarterback that boasts less than 10 career starts - is throwing the ball more than Mahomes, you're doing something wrong.

Teams that throw 40-plus pass attempts don't have the best winning record. Howell has surpassed that milestone four times this season - his record is 0-4 in those contests.

Brian Robinson Jr. has continued to show burst and had a career-high 29-yard run against the Eagles. Chris Rodriguez Jr. - after averaging 4.9 yards per carry over the last two games - got zero touches on Sunday.

The ironic part in all of this is that Bieniemy is a former running back. Run the ball.