4 huge disappointments from the Commanders' loss vs. Eagles in Week 8

The Commanders went close but fell just short.
Brian Robinson Jr.
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Ron Rivera - Commanders HC

Late in the third quarter, Jalen Hurts hit DeVonta Smith on a 17-yard pass on fourth-and-4. It was clear to the announcers, the fans, and many on the Washington Commanders' sideline that the pass was incomplete.

And yet, Ron Rivera waited and waited to see a replay before throwing the challenge flag. The Philadelphia Eagles - who are too smart to let a good opportunity pass - quickly snapped the ball, taking advantage of the head coach's indecision.

Instead of getting the ball back in good field position at their 45-yard line, the Commanders saw the Eagles score three plays later to tie the game.

Not challenging was egregious enough, but then not taking accountability for the decision after the game was a really bad look for Rivera. This is the same coach who admitted he didn't know the team could be eliminated from playoff contention in a post-game conference last season.

At some point, enough is enough, and a change needs to be made. Whether that comes during the season or once the campaign concludes is the big question - but all signs are pointing to such alterations unless there is a turnaround of epic proportions.