4 huge disappointments from the Commanders' loss vs. Eagles in Week 8

The Commanders went close but fell just short.
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Commanders got some questionable calls

Late in the fourth quarter, Sam Howell found Jahan Dotson on a third-and-5. After originally being called a completion, the play was apparently reviewed by New York and called incomplete during the TV timeout.

This decision was subsequently challenged by Ron Rivera and upheld.

How did a pass that was originally marked as complete get reviewed and overturned when it wasn't in the final two minutes of the game? How come this play happened to be reviewed but the earlier questionable catch by DeVonta Smith wasn't?

There were other missed calls where the Washington Commanders' defensive linemen were clearly held. Another was a questionable pass interference call on Benjamin St-Juste, and even the announcers disagreed with one particular penalty on tight end Logan Thomas.

But, the officiating is not why the Commanders lost the game. The defense's inability to get stops when needed most and the offense going into neutral late in the game led to the reverse.

This team has heart but needs to cut down on mental mistakes. Does that require new coaching to come in? Does that require making major changes at the trade deadline? Only time will tell what the team decides to do.

But until that time Daron Payne accurately describes the team's current situation.

"We fight hard every time, but until we stop allowing big plays...then we won't win."

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