4 huge changes the Commanders should consider in Week 7 at NY Giants

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Sam Howell
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Commanders should run more high-tempo offense

Quarterback Sam Howell was solid if not spectacular at the Atlanta Falcons in Week 6. He started the game well, took full advantage of the turnovers, and didn't turn the football over while his adversary was dishing out picks like confetti.

This is yet another positive from Howell as he looks to cement his status as the Washington Commanders' long-term quarterback. There is one glaring flaw remaining - holding onto the football for too long and overall pocket awareness.

Howell is getting hit too much and not all of it is on the offensive line. The former fifth-round selection needs to recognize pressure and pre-snap packages with more efficiency and react far quicker than what we've seen over five weeks.

The same thing happening over and over gives the indication things might not change overnight. Therefore, running more no-huddles could be the schematic key to avoid further complications moving forward.

Simplifying the calls for Howell, making it difficult for Wink Martindale's defense to make substitutions, allowing the North Carolina product to keep the chains moving with quick releases, and getting playmakers heavily involved might be the best way to go about things offensively versus the New York Giants.

The Giants' defensive front is formidable and Martindale is one of the more creative coordinators around when it comes to blitz packages. Therefore, the Commanders should play to their strengths - athleticism, quickness, and explosiveness.