4 guaranteed home runs from the Commanders' 2024 offseason

There were home-run hits aplenty during a dramatic offseason.
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It was hard to keep up with the changes developing across the Washington Commanders this offseason. Josh Harris' ownership group spent the 2023 campaign assessing, learning, and devising a plan for future success. It didn't take long to realize just how drastic these alterations were going to be.

Everything to do with the Commanders is unrecognizable from the previous campaign. Their front-office infrastructure looks much improved. The coaching staff is progressive and accomplished, boasting the right blend of youth and experience to take the franchise forward. Almost 50 percent of the roster turned over in pursuit of better fortunes.

Harris and his wealthy benefactors wasted no time. The best part about this from a fan perspective is the fact their exciting new era is just beginning. The first stage in what will hopefully be a prosperous period for an organization that's been dragged through the mud for two decades.

That's for the future. For now, here are four guaranteed home runs from an immensely entertaining Commanders' offseason in 2024.

Commanders kept Jonathan Allen

Sorting out Jonathan Allen's future was among the Washington Commanders' top priorities this offseason. The veteran defensive tackle became frustrated and disillusioned in equal measure as another campaign spiraled into the proverbial abyss last time around. He hinted that his future might lie away from the team unless there was a level of satisfaction with the impending changes on the horizon.

Trade speculation rose and continues to be evident across the media. However, it seems like Allen is re-energized under Dan Quinn's coaching regime. Adam Peters also made his intentions clear - he doesn't plan on removing the former first-round pick out of Alabama from the equation. For now, at least.

This was the right call despite Allen showing signs of regression last season. He's still a top-level performer and more than capable of bouncing back. His leadership within the locker room is another integral part of his prominent role that cannot be overlooked.

Convincing Allen that this was a project worth being part of benefits everybody. But with two years remaining and no guaranteed money left on his deal, what comes after the 2024 campaign remains unclear.