4 exciting traits head coach Dan Quinn brings to the Commanders

Dan Quinn's appointment as head coach is good news for the Washington Commanders on four levels, including his vision, personality and creative use of talent.

Dan Quinn
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Dan Quinn brings clarity of vision

A clear purpose has been lacking on offense for too long. Dan Quinn appears to know exactly what he wants.

He was forthright about his reasons for hiring Kliff Kingsbury as offensive coordinator, referencing his decision to give Kyle Shanahan play-calling duties for the Atlanta Falcons back in the day.

Kingsbury's a divisive hire because of his middling tenure as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals from 2019-2022. He's also a quarterback whisperer who's worked with Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield, and Kyler Murray.

The 'Air Raid' offense Kingsbury's preferred is recognizable to many. That's a far cry from the hotchpotch of ideas the Washington Commanders have muddled together on offense in recent years.

They never truly committed to a definite style under Scott Turner. Eric Bieniemy's attempts to go pass-heavy did Sam Howell no favors whatsoever. More than the over-arching scheme, the Commanders struggled with the basic concept of getting their best players the ball in key moments.

Quinn has a strong belief Kingsbury knows how to do that. Like most things about the decision to hire the head coach, this belief requires a leap of faith from fans, writers, and pundits.

What isn't a matter of blind faith is how Quinn will set a clear path for winning on both sides of the ball. It may not work, but there'll be none of the confused lethargy that ultimately undid Rivera's tenure.