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Commandees hire Kliff Kingsbury as OC

Given Dan Quinn's defensive background, finding the right offensive coordinator became the most important piece of his staff puzzle. After the Washington Commanders cast their net far and wide, they reportedly gave this significant responsibility to Kliff Kingsbury.

This hire comes with many layers attached. It seemed like Kingsbury was destined for the Las Vegas Raiders before a late change of heart. The plans outlined by the Commanders - especially when it comes to the quarterback position - were enough to tip the scales in their favor.

Kingsbury is a shrewd offensive mind with head coaching experience with the Arizona Cardinals and before that, in college at Texas Tech. After being fired in 2022, he spent last year working as a senior offensive analyst with the USC Trojans. That means he'll know better than most what Caleb Williams brings to the table.

The quarterback is expected to go No. 1 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft depending on what the Chicago Bears do with Justin Fields. Speculation was rampant after Kingsbury's hire became public knowledge. Could the Commanders be laying the foundations to bring Williams to his boyhood team? Time will tell, but it does nothing to lessen the possibility that's for sure.

This is yet another fascinating element to factor into Washington's offseason. One that will shape the short and long-term future of the franchise beyond a shadow of a doubt.