4 easy wins for Josh Harris during early Commanders ownership tenure

- Win the crowd

- Extend two top performers

- Extend an olive branch

- Replace an eyesore

Josh Harris
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Enhance Commanders fan experience

It's been demoralizing to see fans turn their backs on the Washington Commanders throughout Dan Snyder's tenure. Many refused to go to games or buy merchandise that would put money in the owner's pocket, with some of the younger generations casting the franchise aside entirely in favor of following the nearby Baltimore Ravens or another team around the league.

This will be a long road back to earning trust. Josh Harris hails from the area and is a lifelong Washington fan, so he knows more than anyone how important this franchise was to the community before Snyder almost ran it into the ground.

Harris spoke about the importance of enhancing fan experiences at FedEx Field on game days. Plans are also in place to reconnect the Commanders to those who held it most dear once upon a time.

Again, this might take a while. But any improvements implemented right away would be a welcome change of pace given how this became an afterthought with an absent owner that didn't care about anything team-related besides saving his own skin.

The Commanders can be a goldmine if managed correctly. This is a huge market, one of the wealthiest areas in the United States of America, and a hotbed for football interest providing fans are inspired by the football product and plans transpiring behind the scenes.

Harris can see the opportunity awaiting him and his investment group. But it'll take more than buying fans a beer during celebrations to alter the tide.