4 critical observations from Commanders 2024 minicamp Day 1

There was a lot to unpack.
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Dan Quinn heaps praise on Commanders' operation

Dan Quinn wants to maximize his second - and probably final - opportunity to become a prolific NFL head coach. The Washington Commanders think this is the perfect character to spearhead their ambitious plans. It's early days, but everyone seems to be buying into the improved methods and standards across the board.

Quinn spent earlier workouts installing the new schematic concepts. The team's mandatory minicamp is a chance to see how players are coping and in some cases, thriving or disappointing. After that, the coaching staff can iron out the potential problems to ensure everyone is ready to hit the ground running.

The former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator had nothing but praise for his players during his media availability. Quinn commended the hard work each put in to ensure a smooth transition. He also lauded the coaching staff's ability to get on the same page in pursuit of one common goal.

"The first thing that I've probably noticed is really the work of the players. I thought they had thrown a helluva offseason. We asked them a lot early, increased some standards together, and I've really been impressed by the work and the skill work they've put in. From a coaching staff-wise, it was a great thing to hear one of the Bill Walsh fellows say they'd never have guessed this was a new staff coming together just a few months ago. Being around everybody, it felt like they'd been around each other for years, so that made me feel good knowing these guys are connecting on the field and off because the players see that as well."

Dan Quinn

This is the first step, but it's an important one nonetheless. Quinn needs to make sure these high standards are kept throughout the summer and into the regular season. Fortunately for the head coach, he's got the right characters in the building to achieve this feat comfortably.

As previously mentioned, there's a different feel around the Commanders right now. Quinn's enthusiastic approach and personable nature played a leading role in that - something that's come with deserved plaudits along the way.