4 critical observations from Commanders 2023 training camp Day 8

It was a more relaxed session at Commanders training camp for practice Day 8.

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What were some critical observations from the eighth official practice at Washington Commanders' training camp leading into the 2023 season?

After the Washington Commanders were put through a grueling session on Wednesday, their eighth practice had a much more relaxed feel. Ron Rivera and his staff have been particularly intense in the opening stages of training camp, which is bringing about an added sense of urgency and improved commitment from top to bottom for good measure.

This is in keeping with the high stakes enveloping the franchise after the Commanders' sale to Josh Harris and his team of investors got the green light just a few short days before camp began. The new owners are giving Rivera a chance to prove his worth, but they'll have contingency plans in place if the respected figure cannot galvanize a franchise reborn.

For now, expectations and energy couldn't be higher. That said, here are four critical observations from practice session No. 8 at Commanders' training camp in 2023.

Commanders lightened the load

As previously stated, the Washington Commanders took things a little easier on Thursday. Ron Rivera and his coaches oversaw a session with a tempo slightly higher than walk-through pace, which allowed the players to brush up on the more technical aspects rather than focusing on physicality.

When asked about the decision to reel things back, Rivera stated via the team's website it's something he felt the players deserved after a hard week so far. And make no mistake, they were not complaining that's for sure.

"We had a really good week last week, then coming into this week, three hard days in a row, and we thought we'd back it off a little bit today in terms of the tempo."

Ron Rivera via Commanders.com

This change of pace was no doubt welcomed by those within the locker room. However, it promises to be a fleeting relief with the pads going back on tomorrow.