4 critical observations from Commanders 2023 training camp Day 10

The Washington Commanders got back down to business after a valuable day off.

Sam Howell
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Joey Slye winning Commanders kicking competition?

Joey Slye went from being comfortable to fighting for his roster spot in the blink of an eye. That's all part of the kicking experience and something that couldn't have come as a great shock all things considered.

If the Washington Commanders were looking for a positive response from Slye, they're getting it. The former Virginia Tech star is improving efficiency according to media attendance and currently getting the better of recent signing Michael Badgley for good measure.

Slye needs to keep this up for the remainder of training camp and when his number's called during the preseason. But having an added sense of urgency seems to be doing the trick where the player is concerned up to now.

Just how much this means in the grand scheme of things is the big question. Slye's accuracy came in for criticism last time around and considering how many close games the Commanders are expected to be in next season, they can ill afford more wayward kicking in pursuit of the postseason.

If Ron Rivera does move forward with Slye - which seems to be the general consensus unless something drastic occurs - then it's absolutely critical he starts making the simple kicks that could be the difference between winning and losing. Otherwise, he'll be looking for alternative employment.