Commanders News: Josh Harris, Michael Badgley, Sam Howell and Andrew Norwell

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Michael Badgley
Michael Badgley / Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY
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Commanders have a kicking competition

As it turned out, Andrew Norwell's roster spot wasn't free for long.

Just a few short hours after the Washington Commanders announced his departure, they confirmed the signing of kicker Michael Badgley following his own shock release from the Detroit Lions last Thursday. This was greeted with positivity from the fanbase, who didn't want to see Joey Slye get complacent with a free run to a roster spot in 2023.

Badgley has been something of a journeyman after spending his first three seasons with the Los Angeles Chargers. His career field goal percentage stands at 81.7, which is slightly lower than Slye's at 82.9 percent.

Whether this results in Badgley earning his place on the team remains to be seen. But it adds another fascinating dynamic to camp and should spark some added urgency to Slye's production with someone breathing down his neck.

Slye is a close associate of Ron Rivera's from their time together at the Carolina Panthers. He might be built like a linebacker, but accuracy was a major issue on occasion last season and unless things improve, the former Virginia Tech star might find himself looking for alternative employment.

Rivera has preached the importance of increased competition across the Commanders ahead of such a critical campaign. Considering his own job status is hanging in the balance, the respected figurehead would be wise to keep sentiment out of his decision-making process.