4 Commanders with soaring stock after 2024 offseason workouts

These Commanders impressed over early offseason workouts.
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Frankie Luvu - Commanders LB

The Washington Commanders made strengthening their linebacking corps a huge priority this offseason. Ron Rivera didn't hold the same opinion and the unit suffered accordingly. That wasn't a mistake Adam Peters planned to make in pursuit of giving Dan Quinn the defensive tools needed to thrive in 2024.

Getting perennial All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner into the fold is already having a major impact on and off the field. He's raising professionalism and outlining standards in keeping with contending teams. Everyone in the room alongside him and across the roster is benefitting from his presence.

However, it didn't take long for Frankie Luvu to emerge into the heart and soul of Washington's defense.

After turning down an extension with the Carolina Panthers to join the Commanders, the explosive force caught the eye in no uncertain terms over early workouts. Joe Whitt Jr. was gushing in his praise of Luvu, claiming he's everything one looks for in an inspirational performer and leader. Someone everyone on the defense can follow into battle knowing they're going to get maximum effort on every play.

Luvu's been among the league's most underrated linebackers for two years. That wouldn't be the case if Carolina hadn't gone through significant complications. This is his chance to put the NFL on notice and enter the elite category under Quinn and Whitt's exceptional guidance.

The Commanders didn't make many long-term commitments in free agency. Luvu was rightfully one of them. Looking at the impression made in such a short space of time, it looks like money well spent.

This marriage between Luvu and the Commanders could reap mutually beneficial rewards. His instincts, physicality, and ability to make a lasting contribution in all phases make him a potent weapon within Quinn's defensive schematics. He never backs down from a challenge, which is another important element of his contribution when things aren't going according to plan.

So far, so good for Luvu. If the same trend continues, the sky's the limit.