4 Commanders who will be playing for their future jobs in Week 18

Things could go either way for these Commanders players...

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Which Washington Commanders players could be playing for the future jobs during their regular-season finale against the Dallas Cowboys?

Although the Washington Commanders are gearing up for an offseason of substantial changes, many within the organization are still fighting. For some, their fate is already sealed. Others look secure. And for a select few, things are still hanging in the balance.

Week 18 against the Dallas Cowboys is the last chance to leave a good impression. The overall body of work throughout the season will be discussed, but a strong showing versus a potential Super Bowl winner might be enough to tip the scales when push comes to shove.

Washington's roster is going to look night and day by the time their Week 1 opener next season arrives. Josh Harris' ownership group is likely to hit the reset button. With new people in positions of power come fresh ideas. Something that will hopefully be the start of a prosperous future.

That's for the not-too-distant future. For now, here are four Commanders who will be playing for their future jobs in Week 18 at FedEx Field.

Khaleke Hudson - Commanders LB

The linebacker position has seen its value reduce in recent years around the league. But looking at the most prominent contenders looking to win a Super Bowl in 2023, they all have prolific options at the defensive second level. Something the Washington Commanders cannot boast.

This should mean more attention is paid to reinforcing Washington's unit under the new staff. What this means for the future of Khaleke Hudson is unclear, but he could leave a final impression by making his presence felt against a high-octane Dallas Cowboys offense.

Hudson is athletic and remains a core special teams performer. Much will depend on who the Commanders bring in, but if the former fifth-round selection can give a good account of himself, he might get a chance to fight for his roster spot in 2024.