4 Commanders on the hot seat entering Week 16 at NY Jets

The pressure is on these Commanders with time running out in 2023...

Sam Howell
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Jonathan Allen - Commanders DT

There's not a week that goes by these days where Jonathan Allen isn't critical about something. During his latest appearance on 106.7 The Fan, his tirade surrounded not only the consistent inconsistency from the defense, but the defensive tackle also set his sights on the short drives on offense not giving them enough rest off the field.

Allen's motivational speeches pre-game are getting tiresome with nothing to back them up. His demeanor suggests unhappiness. The once-dominant player just isn't coming up with the right solutions - even during the rare plays where there's only one blocker in front of him.

The former first-round pick made no secret he'd be contemplating his Commanders' future after the campaign. If Allen and his representatives decide his remaining journey lies away from Washington, it makes things extremely uncomfortable for the incoming regime.

While interest in the Alabama product would be high, his production this season indicates the start of a potential downward trend. For Allen to shift this narrative, he needs to start reminding people why the Commanders took him so high and why they handed him such a lucrative contract extension.

How much motivation remains in Allen is unclear. The body language indicates not much. But the Commanders are still counting on him to wreak disruption on whatever quarterback the New York Jets decide to place under center in Week 16.