4 Commanders on the hot seat entering Week 16 at NY Jets

The pressure is on these Commanders with time running out in 2023...
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Which Washington Commanders find themselves firmly on the hot seat entering their Week 16 road game against the New York Jets?

Just three games stand between the Washington Commanders and one of the most important offseasons in franchise history. Until then, players and staff must remain professional to salvage some respectability from another campaign that promised much but delivered very little.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that big changes are coming. The Commanders have been accused of going through the motions of late. Looking at their performance levels and the lack of improvements during Washington's first game after the bye, it's hard to argue.

They won't have to deal with Aaron Rodgers in Sunday's trip to take on the New York Jets after the four-time NFL MVP admitted defeat in his quest to play again this season. This looks like a game that could go either way. Whether the Commanders can dig deep and show the resolve needed to secure a rare road triumph remains to be seen.

Some are feeling the pressure more than most. On this topic, here are four Commanders firmly on the hot seat entering Week 16 at the Jets.

Ron Rivera - Commanders HC

We'll keep this relatively short. Ron Rivera's seat has gone from hot to non-existent. The head coach is now sitting on a rubble of hot ash with his fate all but sealed.

Rivera being fired after the next three games seems like a foregone conclusion. He's not admitted it publicly - neither has Josh Harris. But the eventual outcome will already be decided behind the scenes regardless of what happens from Weeks 16-18.

One would think this takes some pressure off Rivera. However, if he wants to continue coaching in some capacity, the respected figure must somehow find a way to galvanize his group of players. Many of them seem to have already downed tools with nothing to motivate them.

A tough challenge, but Rivera will try his best. Nobody could accuse him of anything less since joining the Washington Commanders. Even if it hasn't been good enough.