4 Commanders on the hot seat entering 2024 free agency

These Commanders should be nervously looking over their shoulders.
Andrew Wylie
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Which Washington Commanders players are firmly on the hot seat entering what promises to be an eventful free-agency period in 2024?

After months of speculation, free agency has arrived. Make no mistake, it's going to be a critical one for the Washington Commanders in their quest to emerge from the proverbial abyss and back to respectability.

Adam Peters is about to put his grand plan into motion. The new general manager has been working hard since his appointment on forming a concise plan for progress. A few moves have already been confirmed. Many more are on the way in the days and weeks ahead.

The Commanders are blessed with $96 million in available salary-cap space. Peters has warned that spending will be more responsible than at any stage during the Dan Snyder era, but it would be a big shock if Washington wasn't extremely active with so many resources at the team's disposal.

It's an exciting time, but not so much for others. With this in mind, here are four Commanders players on the hot seat entering free agency in 2024.

Andrew Wylie - Commanders OT

There wasn't much chance of financial wiggle room during 2023 free agency thanks to the ownership flux. Andrew Wylie was the marquee arrival after his starring performance in the Super Bowl. Sadly for the right tackle, he was unable to build on this positive momentum.

The Washington Commanders have already released Charles Leno Jr. and Nick Gates. This indicates Adam Peters is going to revamp the offensive line and prioritize it far better than Ron Rivera accomplished during his four-year tenure. If those in power feel like there's a better option out there, Wylie could be another on the chopping block when it's all said and done.

Wylie is counting $9.41 million against the cap, which is the fourth-highest team commitment as it stands. He's not worth that much based on last season's efforts, but much will depend on what reinforcements are acquired.