4 moves that would bring Commanders back to respectability in 2024

The road to redemption starts now...
Adam Peters
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What moves could help the Washington Commanders return some much-needed respectability to the organization in 2024?

The Washington Commanders have an untold amount of hard work ahead. Dan Snyder's dark cloud has been lifted and Ron Rivera's underwhelming stint as head coach is officially over. Hopes are high that this storied franchise can begin making strides toward contention in the coming years. It won't happen overnight, but the pieces are slowly coming into place.

General manager Adam Peters is the man tasked with molding a competitive roster. He will be assisted by some experienced front-office staff and new head coach Dan Quinn, who's enthusiastic and keen to maximize his second head coaching opportunity after how things ended with the Atlanta Falcons.

This is going to be a gradual process. Nobody should expect the Commanders to become Super Bowl favorites overnight. After a turbulent two decades under Snyder, getting the league to look at this organization differently will be the first primary objective.

With this in mind, here are four moves that can help the Commanders return to respectability in 2024.

Commanders must revamp the OL

This was a recurring theme under Ron Rivera. The head coach inherited a decent offensive line littered with Pro Bowlers and All-Pros. It quickly disintegrated into one of the league's worst units after poor investment in free agency and the college ranks.

It seems like this lack of attention is about to change. The Washington Commanders released Charles Leno Jr. and Nick Gates ahead of time. This indicates Adam Peters is going to completely revamp the protection, which would be a major step in the right direction.

Finding the correct blend of youth and experience capable of meshing together quickly is paramount. Offensive line coach Bobby Johnson's appointment received mixed reviews, but if he can prove his doubters wrong, the Commanders will be in a good spot for improved fortunes.