4 Commanders who could be entering their last season with the team in 2023

Jeremy Reaves
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Which Washington Commanders could be entering their final season with the team in 2023 depending on how things unfold?

The Washington Commanders have excitement and pressure aplenty across the franchise heading into the 2023 season. Josh Harris' ownership group is keen to make their presence felt and although it raises the stakes for many, the atmosphere within the building is night and day compared to the morale-sapped environment under the previous owner.

If Ron Rivera is on the hot seat, he isn't showing any signs of stress. A great weight has been lifted off the head coach this summer and it shows, but it'll count for nothing if results don't improve after an indifferent first three years at the helm.

There are also prominent names on the lookout for new deals either before, during, or after the campaign. Some take greater priority than others, but it's also worth remembering that there is only so much money to go around despite Harris being far more willing to invest.

With this in mind, here are four Commanders players who could be entering their final season with the team in 2023.

Jeremy Reaves - Commanders S

If Jeremy Reaves didn't get a long-term deal after becoming an All-Pro special teams ace in 2022, one has to ask just what he has to do for more financial security. The Washington Commanders did tender the defensive back to prevent him from leaving without compensation, but $2.9 million is an absolute steal considering his underrated impact last time around.

Reaves is fully focused and goes about his business with customary determination. If he manages to impact the defensive rotation more prominently and remains an elite special teamer, the Commanders would be wise to pay up.

However, a situation could emerge where Reaves gets a better offer from elsewhere with the promise of more involvement. Something that would be extremely difficult to ignore.