4 big winners from the Washington Commanders sale agreement

Josh Harris
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Dan Snyder - Outgoing Commanders owner

Many have Dan Snyder tabbed as a weasel - someone that would put his own personal gain before anything and anyone. And whenever the going gets tough, the billionaire goes missing.

The Washington Commanders will be far better off without Snyder. He's brought nothing but underachievement, poor standards, incompetent decision-making, and scandal to the franchise, which saw a storied organization descend into the proverbial NFL abyss over the last two decades.

And yet, one gets the sense that Snyder will emerge from this sale as a winner. No matter how undeserving he is of such a distinction.

First of all, Snyder is making a monumental profit. After buying the Commanders for $800 million initially, he'll receive $6.05 billion for basically running the franchise into the ground.

Snyder also has a specific set of demands surrounding indemnification that could be approved. Specifically, the Mary Jo White report and the repercussions that might follow.

Anything less will be considered a slap in the face to those who've suffered under Snyder's watch. But that doesn't mean the NFL won't grant this wish to guarantee his departure once and for all.

Either way, Snyder will go down as the worst owner in league history. Not that he'll care all that much with more than $6 billion in his pocket.