3 veteran Commanders players who could be traded in 2024

Could Adam Peters remove some veteran Commanders players from the equation?

Jonathan Allen
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Commanders could trade Jonathan Allen

Of all the tradable options available to the Washington Commanders, defensive tackle Jonathan Allen makes the most sense. His frustrations were beyond evident throughout another underachieving campaign in 2023. His on-field production regressed considerably compared to the standards we've come to expect. The disillusionment was real.

Allen declared his unwillingness to participate in another rebuild. He wants to be part of a winner with his prime years winding down. Looking at how things unfolded, the Commanders are a long way off from achieving this objective.

The former first-round pick is going to ponder his future in the coming weeks. Allen will also likely discuss Washington's vision for the future with general manager Adam Peters. If there are doubts from either party, the best possible solution would be trading the lineman for extra draft resources.

Interest in Allen would be high, especially if he becomes reinvigorated by the chance to secure a Super Bowl ring somewhere. The Commanders have to eat some substantial dead cap to confirm a deal, but there are decent savings involved, too.

Anything like a second-round selection and a Day 3 pick might be enough to get a deal done. It would be a big loss on the field and within the locker room, but this is a long-term project being implemented by the Commanders - one that doesn't appear to align with Allen's mindset right now.