3 veteran Commanders players who could be traded in 2024

Could Adam Peters remove some veteran Commanders players from the equation?

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Which veteran Washington Commanders players could be traded as general manager Adam Peters puts his rebuilding plans into motion?

The Washington Commanders are moving forward into an exciting new era. They secured their general manager relatively early in the process. Things are taking a little longer regarding the next head coach, which is causing some concern among the fanbase with targets staying put or taking other offers.

Adam Peters has vast experience when it comes to building successful NFL rosters. His work with the San Francisco 49ers, in particular, leaves reasons for optimism. But there is a lot of hard work ahead looking at the current state of affairs.

There is a clear intent from Peters' perspective to build through the draft and supplement through free agency. The Commanders are rich in assets this season, but a situation could emerge where more sacrifices are made to give the team's rebuild another shot in the arm.

With this in mind, here are three veteran Commanders players who could be traded during the 2024 offseason.

Commanders could trade Benjamin St-Juste

While there wouldn't be any great financial benefit to trading Benjamin St-Juste, the player's production in 2023 indicates his name is among those firmly on the chopping block. Just what the Washington Commanders could get for the cornerback is up for debate.

There are times when St-Juste looks like a highly productive cornerback. There are others where he looks like he's never played the position before. He gave up countless splash plays this season, so the jury is still out on his future heading into the final year of his deal.

Again, it seems unlikely anyone would arrive with a decent enough offer for St-Juste. Considering reinforcements are likely to arrive across the secondary this offseason, both parties might decide to go their separate ways if a good proposal does come along.